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Well governed Zambia Red Cross Society Branches which are responsive to local needs and fully capable of discharging their mandates. The society has 58 Branches with 7,587 volunteers in 58 Districts in the 10 Provinces of Zambia.



Zambia Red Cross Society is anchored on a strong base of members and volunteers who belongs to branches as local structures. The Branches are composed of local members and volunteers and this is intended to enhance ownership of activities including disaster response whenever this is needed.



Voluntary service; Zambia Red Cross Society is a voluntary humanitarian relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for gain. Recruitment of volunteers is an on-going process.


Zambia Red Cross Society has 58 Branches with 7,587 volunteers in 58 Districts in the 10 Provinces of Zambia. Branches have the capacity to run community projects and enhance local partnerships. Volunteers are equipped with various skills that enable capacity building in the communities

1 CHILILABOMBWE Mr. Wellington Mwape chililabombwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
2  CHINGOLA Miss Jane Nachali ( Acting Branch President) chingola.branch@redcross.org.zm
3  KALULUSHI Mr. Robert Longwe kalulushi.branch@redcross.org.zm
4  MUFULIRA Mrs. Debora Bwalya mufulira.branch@redcross.org.zm
5  KITWE Miss Rhodah Nyirenda ( Acting Branch President) kitwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
6 LUANSHYA Mr. Elijah Mwaba luanshya.branch@redcross.org.zm
7 MPONGWE Mr. Binwell Mumba
8 CHIENGE Mr. Jailos  Mwila chienge.branch@redcross.org.zm
9 MANSA Mr. Kelivin Kawila
10 NCHELENGE Mr. Grandwell Chilukuta nchelenge.branch@redcross.org.zm
11 CHILUBI Mr. Tresphord Mukuka
12 NSUMBU Mr. Friday Chisulo nsumbu.branch@redcross.org.zm
13 KAPUTA Mr. Chomba Peter kaputa.branch@redcross.org.zm
14 MPULUNGU Mr. Musonda Katala Isaac mpulungu.branch@redcross.org.zm
15 MUNGWI Mr. Evans Mpangaiche mungwi.branch@redcross.org.zm
16  KASAMA Mr. Ackson Zulu kasama.branch@redcross.org.zm
17  LUWIINGU Mr. Dismas Mulenga
18 CHIBOMBO Mr. Goodson Chakulya chibombo.branch@redcross.org.zm
19 KABWE Mr. Yeyenga Lloyd kabwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
20 KAPIRI MPOSHI Mr. Harry kapya(Acting Branch President) kapirimposhi.branch@redcross.org.zm
21 MUMBWA Mr. Alvin Mwiinga mumbwa.branch@redcross.org.zm
22 CHOMA Mr.Mike Mweembe choma.branch@redcross.org.zm
23 GWEMBE Mr. Geoffrey Nyanga gwembe.branch@redcross.org.zm
24 KAZUNGULA Mr. Keegan Imbwela kazungula.branch@redcross.org.zm
25 LIVINGSTONE Mr. Sydney Mainza livingstone.branch@redcross.org.zm
26 MAZABUKA Mr.kingsley Miyanda mazabuka.branch@redcross.org.zm
27 MONZE Mr. Lenah Moono monze.branch@redcross.org.zm
28 SINAZONGWE Mr. Jonah Munalula sinazongwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
29 ZIMBA Mr. Obert Moonga zimba.branch@redcross.org.zm
30 CHIRUNDU Mr. Munsanje Godwin chirundu.branch@redcross.org.zm
31 CHONGWE Mr. Amos Mpande chongwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
32 LUSAKA Mr. Wisford Mudenda lusaka.branch@redcross.org.zm
33 SIAVONGA Mr. Moote Mukunda siavonga.branch@redcross.org.zm
34 KALABO Mr. Sanguluka Muwowo kalabo.branch@redcross.org.zm
35  LIMULUNGA Mrs. Likando Kalumiana limulunga.branch@redcross.org.zm
36 MONGU Mr Juma Phiri mongu.branch@redcross.org.zm
37 NKEYEMA Mr. Anold Ndunda nkeyema.branch@redcross.org.zm
38 CHAVUMA Mr. David Nduli chavuma.branch@redcross.org.zm
39 KABOMPO Mr. Hendrick Solochi kabompo.branch@redcross.org.zm
40 MAYINGA Mr. Ding’ombi Samanenga mayinga.branch@redcross.org.zm
41 KALUMBILA Mr. Inaka Siyauya (Acting Branch President) kalumbila.branch@redcross.org.zm
42  MUFUMBWE Mr. Felix Mutobo mufumbwe.branch@redcross.org.zm
43 SOLWEZI Mr. Evans Chisengalumbwe solwezi.branch@redcross.org.zm
44 ZAMBEZI Mr. Noel Chipopu zambezi.branch@redcross.org.zm
45 MPIKA Mr.Peter Phiri mpika.branch@redcross.org.zm
46 NAKONDE Mr.Patrick Mumbo nakonde.branch@redcross.org.zm
47 CHIPATA Mr. Dube Chipangula chipata.branch@redcross.org.zm
48 PETAUKE Mr. Aklus Kausa petauke.branch@redcross.org.zm
49 SINDA Mr. Amon Kamseche sinda.branch@redcross.org.zm
50 KATETE Mrs. Edina  Masiye katete.branch@redcross.org.zm

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