Pneumonia reduction project

///Pneumonia reduction project
Pneumonia is one of the killer diseases among under five children in most rural communities, one contributing factor is the quality of air within dwellings, most children in rural areas are exposed to smoke from traditional cooking areas which affects their lungs, and this makes the child to easily get pneumonia. Zambia Red Cross through the implementation of the Pneumonia Reduction Project is educating communities members on the construction of a cook stove, this stove is entirely constructed from locally available materials i.e. clay soil, cow dung, or sawdust or rice husks and grass. This stove helps to improve indoor air quality in kitchens by channelling smoke outside the kitchen through the chimney. the stove also is energy efficient in that it only uses only small wood cuttings and can return heat. this means that a family using this cook stove will spend less wood translation to reduced deforestation, mothers and children will not be exposed to smoke and this will improve the quality of life for many children in the rural communities. These pictures show one of the cook stoves constructed in Luampa District Western Province. through community engagement and accountability, the community members have expressed interest in the cook stove such that some members of the community from other areas not covered by the red cross are requesting for the training of their communities. mothers especially have hulled the intervention and are ready to have the cook stoves. Thank you, to the Red Cross team, the volunteers the civic readers and ministry for the support.

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