Pneumonia reduction project exchange program

///Pneumonia reduction project exchange program
The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) in partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) implemented a four-year (2017-2020) Pneumonia mortality reduction program among children under five. The purpose of the program was to contribute to the reduction of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) and mortality among children and other vulnerable groups in the selected areas / Kebeles of Amhara, Somali and Oromia regions (South Gondar, Fafan and Gujji zones respectively) by building resilient community. In Ethiopia, pneumonia is a leading single disease killing under-five children. According to the 2014 WHO/CHERG estimates 3,370,000 children encounter pneumonia annually which contributes to 18 per cent of all causes of deaths, killing over 40,00 0 under-five children every year. Following the mid-term review exercise in Ethiopia, and the mid-term review meeting in the Hague (Netherlands) in November 2018, a learning visit to Zambia RCS was proposed by the ERCS team, to learn from the experience of Zambia RCS and to use some of the learning points to strengthen and improve the quality implementation of the ERCS 3FM Pneumonia Project.
Ethiopian Delegates having a briefing in the Zambia Red Cross Society Board room
Purpose of the mission The Learning visit helped to improve practices in the remaining period of the implementation and also for purposes of future programming. The Ethiopian team took time to look at all the components of the Zambia Red Cross Society, 3FM Pneumonia project. It also took time to understand the Organizational structure of Zambia RCs and how it links to the Pneumonia Project. The Proposed key learning points for the Exchange Team were as follows:
  • monitoring and evaluation using the KoBotool,
  • SBCC process, key message development and implementation,
  • ICCM,
  • Nutrition activities
  • Male involvement
  • Volunteers motivation and retention
  • Working with stakeholders
  • exit and sustainable plan
Part of the six-man Ethiopian Delegate Team having a briefing at Zambia Red Cross Head Quarters in Lusaka

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