/Health & Care

Enhanced provision and access to quality health and social services to the vulnerable communities. The services under Health and Care: WASH, Community Based Health Resilience, Maternal and Neo-natal services, adolescences sexual and reproductive health, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support services.

Conduct community awareness and education on Reproductive Mother, New-born Child Health (RMNCH) Mother-Infant and Young Children Nutrition (MIYCN) through home visits and group education. (based on baseline survey and formative research findings, Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) plan, health problem message development, etc.).

Reproductive Mother, New-born Child Health (RMNCH)

Increase capacity building and sensitisation workshops targeted at Red Cross volunteers in promoting their essential role in effective Primary Health Care.

Capacity building & Sensitisation

Primary Health Care services

Strengthen multi-sector coordination
mechanisms to strengthen the Primary Health
Care services by engaging and incorporating other stakeholders such as the WASH sector and or waste management (provision of incineration, waste collection, hazards, etc.).
The Red Cross will establish micro formal agreements (MOUs) at the community level, with strategic partners such as District Health
Teams (DHTs) under the Ministry of Health.

Strengthen maintenance and provision of infrastructure towards prevention of disease outbreaks such as renovation and construction of appropriate toilets, waiting mothers’ shelters, good storage facilities for drugs and sundries,
and boreholes.

Strengthen maintenance

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