Door To Door Community Sensitization

Changing minds and touching live through community mass sensitization in our district. Behaviour change is not an overnight process but rather a day to day process which involves collective responsibility. As ZRCS we take this responsibility together with the community leader so make sure our communities stay safe  


It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during covid-19 pandemic. But Coping with it, is another thing. Talking to people you trust, contacting your friends and family can be one source of help. With this view, as ZRCS we have come up with essential interventions in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) during this out break. We first decided to equip ourselves, then extended to the community. ZRCS Saving Lives! Changing Mind!

Mask Up

How wearing a masks stops the spread of COVID-19 COVID-19 is transmited by droplets that spread when we talk, sneeze or cough. These droplets end up on nearby surfaces or on people Masks create a phyical barrier that catches these droplets Preventing droplets from spreadingfar and wide ! Everyone should wear a mask because, not everyone shows COVID-19 symptoms. Your mask Protects me My Mask Protects you

Zambia Red Cross Society Trains 1,200 volunteers for door to door Measles and Rubella campaign, from the 19th to the 21st of November 2020, in Lusaka District

Zambia Red Cross Society with support from American Red Cross and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has engaged 1,200 volunteers to conduct door to door Measles-Rubella (MR) Campaign in Lusaka District, focusing on community social mobilisation. Through the on-going Measles-Rubella campaign which runs from 23rd to 28th November 2020, ZRCS is encouraging all parents to priotise immunisations as they are equally important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lusaka Branch president Bishop Samuel Matoka said 1, 200 volunteers from both the Red

Rehabilitation of water points in Kapiri Mposhi District

Access to safe and clean water during this time of covid-19 is very important. As Zambia Red Cross Society, one of our interventions in response to COVID-19, has been to rehabilitate water points in order to increase access to safe and clean water in Kapiri Mposhi District at Chibwe health centre. A population of about 2780 people will have access to safe and clean water.

Restoring family links

Pre-amble: On the 23rd of February 2019, 6 Young people, Julliet Ngoyi aged 16yrs, Joseph Kombe aged 16yrs. Yobu Kisimba, aged 17yrs, Kamuna Mpundu, aged 14years and Mwashile Jaimile aged 9yrs bid farewell to Manatapala Refugee Camp in Nchelenge Zambia. These Children were victims of a Civil War that is currently and consistently occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ICRC Zimbabwe and ICRC Zambia collaborated in facilitating the repatriation of the 6 Youngsters back to their Country and Family in the Democratic

ovc project5

School requirements donation for OVCs

One of the mandates of the Zambia Red Cross Society, which falls in line with the Fundamental Principles of all National Societies, is the Principle of Humanity. This principle entails, in part, “…to prevent and alleviate Human Suffering wherever it may be found…”As of the 2010 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 240,638 people. On the 25th of January 2019, Zambia Red Cross Society and its Donor Partner, Netherlands Red Cross, donated to three Schools located in Kapiri